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Federal Equipment Company sells capsule fillers within the pharmaceutical, nutritional & supplement, and natural products industries. Capsule fillers, also called encapsulation machines or encapsulators, are used to separate hard-capsule shells into two parts, measure the dose of product, fill the capsule with the proper dose of product, and close the capsule shell. The capsules can be hard gelatin (“hard gel”) capsules or cellulose material such as HPMC. Product dosing can be done through dosator technology or tamping-pin technology.

Product Applications:

  • Powder capsule fillers
  • Bead capsule fillers
  • Pellet capsule fillers
  • Tablet capsule fillers
  • Micro-tablet capsule fillers
  • Liquid capsule fillers

Types of capsule fillers:

  • Manual
  • Semi-automatic and intermittent motion
  • Fully automatic and continuous motion

Top names in capsule filling equipment:

  • Syntegon (formerly Bosch)
  • IMA
  • MG2
  • Capsugel
  • Dott.Bonapace
  • And many others!

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