Used Horizontal & Vertical Cartoners

Federal Equipment Company sells used cartoners within our Packaging Equipment category. Cartoners are generally secondary packaging equipment used to erect folded cartons and fill them with blister cards, bottles, sachets and other products, and then fold the carton closed, sometimes even adding glue to hold the carton shut.

Vertical or Horizontal

Cartoners can be arranged vertically or horizontally. Vertical cartoners are used to fill the carton from above by dropping the product vertically into the opened carton. Horizontal cartoners are used to fill the product horizontally by orienting the product and then pushing them into the open carton from the side, perhaps with product literature folded around the product. Carton specifications are key components of information to check for size compatibility with the equipment as well as the products being filled into the carton themselves. Cartoners are often integrated in packaging lines with blister machines, or bottle filling and capping equipment.

Cartoner and Packaging Equipment Manufacturers

Major manufacturers of the cartoners in our used equipment inventory include IMA, Bosch and Syntegon, IWKA, Jones, Marchesini, Uhlmann, Thiele, Zepf, Rockford and many others.

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