Used Continuous Solid Bowl Centrifuges

Federal Equipment Company offers a variety of reliable solid bowl continuous centrifuges at competitive prices. These versatile machines are commonly used in polymer manufacturing but can be used across a variety of industrial applications.

With continuous rotation, solid bowl centrifuges can separate mixtures of different substances of different densities whether the mixture is solid-liquid, solid-solid or liquid-liquid. Solid bowl centrifuges are fully automatic machines and have short start up and shut down times, which is ideal for fully automatic production lines. Choose between available design types whether you need conical, cylindrical, or conical-cylindrical for your production needs.

Browse our selection of solid bowl continuous centrifuges for specific model dimensions, capacity rates, and machine capabilities from top manufacturers like Alfa Laval, Sharples, and Westfalia. For information regarding price, quotes, or purchasing, register as a member. We look forward to serving you and helping you meet your manufacturing equipment needs.

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