Used Single Screw Extruders

Federal Equipment Company has a wide selection of single screw extruders and associated equipment, all available at competitive prices. This equipment is from prominent original equipment manufacturers like Davis-Standard, APV, Killion, NRM, Sterling, and more and suitable for any plastics or rubber industrial and process application. We have a terrific selection of single screw extruders models in stock and ready for shipment. You will find the right process unit for your polymer production.

From extruded sheets, fibers and coatings, these extruders will augment your production line, regardless of resin material used. Choosing a single screw extruder allows for reduced pressure between feed and melting zones. This lower pressure level leads to less wear and tear on the gear pump and extends the machine part's life cycle.

To find the specific single screw extruder with the diameter and length-to-diameter ratio you are looking for, browse our entire selection below.

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