Chemical Equipment

chemFederal Equipment Company’s chemical equipment operations support businesses engaged in chemical manufacturing and processing who create products by transforming organic and inorganic raw materials with chemical processes that use a variety of equipment. 

Chemical manufacturing can generally be classified into commodity chemical production and specialty-batch chemical production. 

Commodity chemicals are usually made in large quantities in continuous production plants which may be dedicated to make just one chemical. 

Specialty-batch chemical, or performance chemical, manufacturers often produce smaller quantities in batches, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Specialty-batch chemical manufacturing requires flexible facilities and multiple variations of manufacturing space, conditions and equipment often within the same chemical plant.

Our inventory is not organized by industry, however, most chemical manufactures will be interested in equipment for heat transfer (heat exchangers, dryers, evaporators, humidity and temperature control units and others); distillation (columns, towers, stills, and reactors); mass separation (centrifuges and filters); and mixing (mixers, blenders, fluid beds).

We offer our chemical manufacturing customers a full range of equipment – from raw material unloading, through processing equipment, to the finished product loading and packaging.