Pharmaceutical Equipment

pharmaFederal Equipment Company’s “Pharmaceutical” vertical includes equipment and services to support pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses as well as facilities which manufacturer consumer products, vitamins, nutraceuticals, supplements, ingredients and foods and beverages.

We stock all types of processing and packaging equipment for the pharmaceutical industries from complex aseptic processing and fill-finish equipment through solid dose (tablet and capsule) manufacturing. We offer 1000’s of pieces of equipment in approximately 200,000 square feet of clean, controlled warehouse space which includes a training and formulation facility operated by Techceuticals.

Manufacturers can save thousands of dollars on purchase price and weeks (or even months) of lead time by considering used equipment from Federal Equipment Company. Our inventory features end-to-end equipment options including charging, mixing, blending, milling, wet and dry granulation, tablet presses, capsule fillers, coaters, totes and bins, and primary and secondary packaging.