Federal Equipment Company buys and sells used equipment

Federal Equipment Company buys and sells used pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, plastics, and rubber process and packaging equipment.

Since 1957, Federal Equipment Company has been a used equipment dealer specializing in processing and packaging equipment. We buy and sell:

  • pharmaceutical equipment
  • chemical equipment
  • food equipment
  • beverage equipment
  • plastics equipment
  • rubber equipment
  • packaging equipment
  • lab equipment
  • R&D equipment

We stock 1000's of pieces of equipment covering 275 distinct categories.

Used equipment from Federal Equipment Company offers several opportunities for cost savings including in-network redeployment of equipment, quick access to thousands of pieces of equipment, and purchase price savings.

Industrial Equipment Auctions and Liquidations

We manage industrial equipment auctions and liquidations ongoing corporate entities as well as distressed businesses operating under a receiver or in bankruptcy. As a used equipment dealer, we specialize in knowing what equipment is worth for end-users and other dealers to bring the best possible return for your capital assets. Our industry and market knowledge, experience and trustworthy reputation assure you that your facility liquidation will meet its goals. Contact us for more information on equipment auctions and liquidations for your complete facility.

Investment Recovery Programs and Services

We offer complete investment recovery programs to help you manage and sell surplus equipment in the most economic manner. Focus on your business and let Federal Equipment Company manage your surplus and idled equipment. We can manage multinational programs to single site services. Please visit our Investment Recovery page for more information.