Federal Equipment Company offers investment recovery programs

Federal Equipment Company buys, liquidates, auctions, and redeploys surplus equipment.

Since 1957, Federal Equipment Company has been a used equipment dealer specializing in processing and packaging equipment. We buy and sell:

  • pharmaceutical equipment
  • chemical equipment
  • food equipment
  • beverage equipment
  • plastics equipment
  • rubber equipment
  • packaging equipment
  • lab equipment
  • R&D equipment

Investment recovery services brings all of our activities together to form a complete capital equipment management program. We can redeploy equipment from one manufacturing site to another for cost savings as high as 85% or more of the purchase price for new equipment. We can supply equipment quickly from our inventory of 1,000's of items. We buy your surplus equipment from you or sell it on your behalf. Our customized programs can be your process and information hub for managing surplus equipment and promoting the equipment internally to maximize cost savings as well as provide all the information necessary to market the equipment externally when the time comes.

Industrial Equipment Auctions and Liquidations

We manage industrial equipment auctions and liquidations ongoing corporate entities including facility closures. We can help manage surplus MRO and parts inventories as well. We specialize in knowing what equipment is worth to sell to end-users or other dealers to bring the best possible return for your capital assets. Our strong external network consists of 10s of thousands of end-user buyers and local service providers to ensure that your project goals are met. Contact us for more information on equipment auctions and liquidations for your surplus or idled facility.

Equipment Inventory, Valuation & Appraisal, Removal, and Logistics Services

We can mitigate the costs of getting rid of surplus assets. We offer inventory services where our staff will inventory and list the surplus equipment for you by capturing all of the pertinent information from the equipment (including internal ID tags) and photographs. We can provide valuation and certified appraisals to help you evaluate program options. We can remove equipment as well with our own team or site approved contractors. Our logistics team can manage shipping around the world to other sites in your network or to our warehouses for storage.

Consignment Programs

We offer consignment programs to help manage the internal costs of selling surplus equipment. We provide services such as inventorying, valuation, removal, and logistics at our costs and recover those costs from the sale of the equipment along with our sales commission – you write none of the checks, you manage the inbound cash!

Custom Investment Recovery Programs

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