Private Treaty Equipment Sales

A private treaty equipment sale, sometimes referred to as negotiated, sealed-bid, or tender sale, is one in which non-published bids are submitted within a specified period of time. When the bidding period is closed, the seller then decides which bid, if any, to accept. What is unique about private treaty sales is that the winning bid need not be the highest bid if other terms of sale and circumstances make a lower bid more appealing.

Used industrial equipment sales, in any form, are beneficial to a buyer by offering used and sometimes like-new equipment for a lower price. Private treaty equipment sales offer greater flexibility in terms of settlement periods and appeal to buyers purchasing subject to finance. They give both the buyer and seller time to negotiate price and settlement conditions.

Private Treaty Sales of Facilities

Federal Equipment doesn’t just host equipment sales. We also host private treaty sales of entire plants and processing facilities. These sales are unique in that they allow you to acquire an entire facility complete with the land, buildings, machinery, and equipment.

Why Federal Equipment?

Federal Equipment has over 65 years of experience and expertise buying and selling used, idle, or surplus equipment. You can be sure you’re dealing with a trusted partner throughout the entire process. We handle all negotiations between buyer and seller and act as an intermediate partner. Want to know more about our private treaty sales? Contact us now.