For over 65 years, Federal Equipment has been a reliable resource for ranging used equipment needs with expertise buying and selling used equipment in the pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, food and beverage, growing and extraction, and packaging industries.

As a leading used equipment dealer, we look for opportunities to add value to the entire capital equipment lifecycle, including skilled management of surplus equipment. When it is time for manufacturers to sell used equipment, we turn to several approaches to extract maximum value.

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Benefits Of Selling Used Equipment

It is common for an inventory of idle manufacturing equipment to accumulate for various reasons, including investment in updated equipment or adjustments to manufacturing lines due to a change in goods manufactured. However, there are several benefits to selling your new, idle, surplus, or used equipment.

Recover capital by selling used equipment

Recover Capital

Turn idle assets into working capital
Free up storage space by selling used equipment

Free Up Storage & Expand Productive Space on Your Production Floor

Selling used processing equipment frees up storage space and reduces storage costs. Also, unused equipment often takes up production floor space, reducing productivity.
Eliminate maintenance costs by selling used equipment

Eliminate Unused Equipment Maintenance Costs

Even unused industrial equipment must be maintained correctly to ensure its viability. By selling surplus manufacturing equipment, you can eliminate that maintenance cost and allocate it to active assets on your manufacturing floor.
Support sustainable manufacturing by selling used equipment

Support Sustainable Manufacturing

Redeploying equipment within your organization or selling unneeded equipment to other manufacturers contributes to sustainability and zero-carbon objectives. Procuring used equipment whenever possible also contributes to sustainable manufacturing. All of these activities are key components of the circular economy.

Selling Used Industrial Equipment – Federal Equipment Company's Solutions

Federal Equipment Company leverages a menu of approaches as we work with clients to secure maximum value for their used equipment. Depending on the specifics of your used equipment inventory and your timeframe, we will use tactics, including:

Sell your used equipment outright

Outright Purchase

Federal Equipment Company purchases the equipment upfront, in full.
Sell your used equipment at auction

Used Equipment Auctions

Auctions are public sales in which your used equipment is sold to the highest bidder.
Sell your used equipment via liquidation

Used Equipment Liquidations

Typically include a larger lot of equipment than an auction; liquidations are a public sale in which the equipment is sold to the highest bidder.
Sell your used equipment via consignment

Consignment Sales

Federal Equipment will sometimes orchestrate consignment sales in which the equipment seller and Federal Equipment Company split the profits of a sale according to predetermined terms.

Selling Used Manufacturing Equipment FAQs

How can I sell my equipment?

The process for selling equipment to Federal Equipment Company depends on how many pieces of equipment or parts you are looking to sell. No matter what, the process starts with identifying items to be sold and sending photos. It is also beneficial to include a photo of the nameplate. If it is just one or a few machines, FEC can offer cash or credit to purchase equipment from our inventory, or trade the item for something in our inventory. If you have more assets to sell, we may purchase the items for our inventory or decide to hold an auction or liquidation. Many factors determine these next steps.

In addition to equipment, Federal Equipment Company purchases relevant lots of parts, particularly pharmaceutical equipment parts. PharmParts is a new way to buy the parts you need for pharmaceutical manufacturing. We also sometimes buy or broker the sale of buildings and land.

The benefits of selling used equipment include:

  • Recovering unused capital
  • Freeing up storage or production floor space
  • Eliminating maintenance costs on idle equipment
  • Supporting sustainable manufacturing

Very old or damaged equipment might have no value other than the scrap metal value, and we advise accordingly when this is the case.

However, sometimes seemingly worthless equipment is worth more than meets the eye. We explore the market for opportunities, particularly for partners in our Resource Recovery Program.

Thorough inventory services, valuation, and appraisals are the first steps in effective asset recovery services. We compile an asset recovery inventory and capture all pertinent information, including critical specs and photographs. Finally, we provide valuation and certified appraisals to chart the best course of action—redeployment, sell, auction, or scrap.

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