Tablet and capsule manufacturing operations training

Techceuticals training courses offered at Federal Equipment Company

Techceuticals offers courses in solid dose manufacturing at Federal Equipment Company.

  • The Manufacturing Process and Troubleshooting
  • Tablet Pro and Tablet Pro II
  • Solid Dose e-training
  • Packaging of Tablets and Capsules

Courses at Federal Equipment Company feature hands-on training and troubleshooting tips for the entire tablet and capsule manufacturing process. Learn about our lab.

Techceuticals training courses offered at Federal Equipment Company

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Our tablet and capsule formulations lab features all equipment necessary to demonstrate and train beginners through experienced operators. Equipment in the lab is provided by Federal Equipment Company, Bosch, IMA, Glatt, O'Hara Technologies, Globe Pharmaceutical, CEIA, and others. Courses feature guest speakers from the equipment manufacturers as well as other equipment experts including Natoli for tablet press tooling.

Upcoming Courses

Visit Federal Equipment Company at Coating Pan Operator Certification Course
November 16 - 18, 2021
Cleveland, OH