If you are preparing to sell a piece of equipment or a full lot of industrial equipment inventory, an equipment appraisal is the place to start. Accurate and trustworthy equipment appraisals done by a certified machine and equipment appraiser offer a picture of what you can expect from the sale of your assets.

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More Than 65 Years of Used Manufacturing Equipment Expertise

Since 1957, Federal Equipment Company has been a used manufacturing equipment dealer specializing in processing and packaging equipment. We buy and sell:

Federal Equipment Company sells used pharmaceutical processing equipment
Used pharmaceutical equipment
Federal Equipment Company sells used chemical processing equipment
Used Chemical Equipment
Federal Equipment Company sells used plastics manufacturing equipment
Used Plastics & Rubber Equipment
Federal Equipment Company sells used packaging equipment
Used Packaging Equipment
Federal Equipment Company sells used food and beverage manufacturing equipment
Used Food & Beverage Equipment
Federal Equipment Company sells used hemp processing equipment
Used Growing & Extraction Equipment
Used Utility Equipment
Used Utility Equipment

Types of Industrial Equipment Appraisals

Complete Equipment Appraisal

A complete equipment appraisal results in a full listing of the equipment for sale with individual values and aggregate value totals. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive report including a record of details relating to equipment condition, equipment photographs, definitions of values, approaches to value, and more.

A complete equipment appraisal is sometimes called an "inventory appraisal" and is often conducted when an accurate asset listing does not exist.

Financing institutions often use this appraisal type because it includes a site visit and collateral verification. Attorneys and CPAs rely on the complete appraisal because it presents the highest level of appraiser inspection, verification, and assurance.

Complete Equipment Appraisal

Walk-Through Appraisal

Walk-Through Appraisal

A walk-through appraisal is an appraisal of limited scope. The appraiser inspects the assets on a cursory basis, focusing on assets that comprise the majority of the total value of the lot for sale. Generally, the appraiser will conduct a detailed inspection of a representative portion of the lot for sale to assess the physical condition and determine the existence of most of the assets.

Desktop Equipment Appraisal

When you need an appraisal quickly, we can offer a desktop appraisal. Our certified appraiser estimates the value of the equipment using the supplied listing information and without the benefit of a physical inspection of the equipment. While desktop appraisals are generally not quite as accurate, our extensive experience in the market and with similar equipment allows even our desktop appraisals to be quite accurate.

Desktop Equipment Appraisal

Most Common Types of Equipment Appraisals

Most Common Types of Equipment Appraisals

The type of appraisal approach used depends on the needs of our clients. No matter the type of appraisal you need, we have the information and the certified appraisers to guide you through the process and provide accurate information. The most common types of used equipment appraisals include:

  • Fair market value–equipment is sold in a targeted manner to extract maximum value
  • Orderly liquidation value–liquidation occurs over a period of time
  • Forced liquidation value–equipment is sold at auction, generally for a lower price

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What Impacts the Determined Value of Appraised Equipment?

Many factors can impact the ultimate value of used equipment for sale. However, some of the most common factors include the following:


Condition and age

Condition and age of the equipment are, of course, important factors. The degree to which the equipment has been customized can also impact equipment value.
The Market

The market

This is simply an issue of supply and demand. If there is a lot of equipment of a specific type available and not much demand, the appraised value will be lower.
The chain of ownership

The chain of ownership

Otherwise known as the title, is often overlooked. A clear title provides proof that the equipment exists and the stated owner is the actual owner. Selling the equipment will be difficult if a lien or other title issues encumber the used equipment. Sharing previous owner information and the plants in which the equipment was used can go a long way toward providing buyer confidence.
Ease of equipment removal

Ease of equipment removal

Equipment's valuation might be negatively impacted if it is difficult and costly to remove from a facility.

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Equipment Appraisals’ Importance for Financial & Tax Management

Equipment appraisals and keeping good records of those appraisals are important to manufacturing companies’ tax management and overall financial management strategies for various reasons.

Tax issues

Tax issues due to an incorrect appraisal

Tax assessors are generally not manufacturing equipment experts and too often value equipment incorrectly. Incorrect appraisals can have serious tax consequences, and a certified machine and equipment appraiser reappraisal is an important step to remedy the issue. Additionally, if you are overvaluing your equipment, you could pay much higher property taxes than you owe.
Balance sheets

Maintaining accurate balance sheets

Plant, Property, and Equipment (PPE) is typically the most extensive line item on a manufacturer’s balance sheets. Having an accurate record of your equipment’s real depreciation and value increases the accuracy of your financial statements, aids with effective decision-making, and offers increased confidence to banks and other financial institutions critical to your business.
Capital for financing

Capital for financing

Since equipment is often used as collateral, accurate equipment appraisals strengthen your ability to attract financing and investment.
Capital expenditure planning

Capital expenditure planning

A complete picture of your equipment’s value plays a crucial role in determining which equipment will likely need to be replaced over a defined period. This understanding is critical for effective business planning.

Accurate equipment appraisals from a certified appraiser
contributes to solid financial stewardship.

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