Used Tablet Presses & Equipment

Rotary tablet presses have a rotating turret that can have multiple punches. As the punches move around the turret they are driven up and down by a cam that controls the vertical position of the punch. Typically, punches and dies meet the manufacturer's specifications that control the size, shape, depth of fill, and texture of the solid dose tablet. Depending on the size, shape, pharmaceutical material, and compression, a typical rotary tablet press can produce from 250,000 to over one million tablets an hour.

Federal Equipment Company stocks a wide-array of rotary tablet presses; typically our inventory exceeds one hundred machines. These presses are used by variety of organizations including manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, as well as cosmetics industries. The rotary tablet presses vary in their production of dimensions, depths of fill, speed and compression strength of single solid dose tablets. Some of the rotary tablet presses carried by Federal Equipment Company include OEM's Manesty, Colton, and Stokes among others.

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