Used Coaters & Coating Pans

Federal Equipment Company sell used coaters commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, candy, chemical and many other industries.

Our used coating pans equipment units are typically made of stainless steel, contain a perforated pan, feature spray guns, hold variable capacities, and run at variable speed rates. Coaters and coating pans often include air handling equipment, including HEPA filters and dust collectors. The power of machine motors and blowers will vary from one manufacturer to another.

You can also find used granule coating equipment including used fluid bed processors with Wurster inserts in our Fluid Bed Dryers and Processors category.

Used Coating Pans from Top Brands

Our inventory of used coating pans are made by the leading manufacturers O'Hara, Thomas Engineering, Freund-Vector, Glatt, Stokes, and others.

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