Used Filter Presses

Filter presses are the solution to your fixed-volume industrial separation needs. We provide used filter presses at reasonable prices.

Filter presses consist of a series of filters with varying sizes of spaces in each filter. As fluid moves through, solid material begins to cake on a filter. As the pressure of liquid increases, the solid is separated from an the liquid. This makes their volume much smaller, and allows for easier moving or disposal. It processes and filters liquid at a high rate considering its relatively small size.

We sell used filter presses from several trusted processing equipment manufacturers, including Hoesch, Shriver, and Netzsch, to name a few. Federal Equipment Company also offers used filter presses of various sizes, currently ranging from 15” to 64”, so you can find one to best fit your manufacturing needs.

By purchasing your used filter press from Federal Equipment Company, you will be purchasing from a trusted name in processing equipment. We provide competitive prices that you can see or request once you register as a member. It is our philosophy that equipment does not lose value just because it has been used, and want to help you get good quality at a reasonable cost. Contact us if you have any questions about what used filter press will work best for you!

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Frequently asked questions about Used Filter Presses

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a filter press?

A filter press is a type of mechanical filter that is used to remove impurities from a variety of liquids. The filter press consists of a series of recessed plates or plates and frames that are placed in a framework to create chambers. Each plate has a filtering cloth placed over it with holes to feed the liquid into the corresponding chambers at the center or at the corners of the plates. As the liquid is forced through the chamber, impurities are caught on the surface of the plates and are unable to pass through the holes in the filter cloth. The filtered liquid exits the filter press once through the filter cloth. Filter presses are typically used in industrial settings to purify wastewater or other liquids, but they can also be used to filter air or oil.

How does a filter press work?

The filter press consists of a series of filter plates, which are pressed together by hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. As the filter press feeds the slurry (mixture of solid and liquid) into the filter plates, the solids are separated from the liquids and collected in the filter cake.

Where are filter presses used?

Filter presses are used in a variety of industries, including mining, food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical. They are also used in wastewater treatment plants to remove solids from water.

How to find a used filter press?

If you're looking for a used filter press, you've come to the right place. At Federal Equipment Company we have a large variety of filter presses in stock and ready to ship. You can also check with filter press manufacturers, who sometimes have refurbished units for sale.

What should I consider when buying a filter press?

When buying a filter press, consider the following:

  • The size of the filter press (measured in cubic feet)
  • The type of filter plates (recessed plate, plate and frame, or membrane)
  • Whether you want a manual or automatic filter press
  • What type of liquids you'll be filtering