Used Industrial Centrifuges

Industrial centrifuges are the solution to your industrial separation needs. Centrifuges are designed to separate solids from liquids efficiently and precisely for many types of manufacturing by rotating the materials quickly. There are hundreds of applications for industrial centrifuges, so we offer a wide range of types and brands to help you find one to suit your specific requirements.

We sell used centrifuges from several trusted processing equipment manufacturers, including CARR, Merco, CINC Industries, and many more. Federal Equipment Company also offers used centrifuges of various kinds, such as peeler centrifuges, pusher centrifuges, screeners or inverting filters. You can even sort our inventory by stainless steel or alloy construction to more specifically choose your best option.

By purchasing your used centrifuge from Federal Equipment Company, you will be purchasing from a trusted name in processing equipment. We provide competitive prices that you can see or request once you register as a member. It is our philosophy that equipment does not lose value just because it has been used, and want to help you get good quality at a reasonable cost. Contact us if you have any questions about what used centrifuge will work best for you!

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