Used Roller Compactors

Roller compactors are used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries to increase the bulk density of powders to form a consistent, quality product. Roller compactors are often used in dry granulation processes to have powder particles adhere to each other and form larger, multiple particle units called granules. The dry granulation process occurs through the force of counter-rotating rollers pressing the powder into a strip or ribbon without adding liquid binders or heat. The ribbon is then milled for further processing. Roller compactors operate on either a fixed gap principle or a floating gap meaning the gap between the rollers is either a fixed distance or a variable distance. The overall goal being consistent granule production.

Roller compactors are used in the following Industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Vitamin, Nutraceutical and Supplement
  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage

Federal Equipment Company’s used roller compactor inventory for sale features top named manufacturers in pharmaceutical and chemical roller compaction equipment and granulation equipment:

  • Alexanderwerk
  • Fitzpatrick (also called “The Chilsonator”)
  • Gerteis
  • Freund-Vector

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